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Pop Star Parties In Scotland

Our Pop Star Princesses

Meet Our Pop Party Princesses who host our parties and give all the kids the best time. Chloe and Emma have become almost Celebrities in Renfrewshire and Glasgow  as they have found that everywhere they go kids recognise them and shout on them. They love what they do and you can see it when they are entertaining both the kids and adults through the Party Games and The Rehearsing Of the Chosen Song.

Splash Productions are Proud To Say We have the best girls for this Amazing Job.

Get the X-Factor Experience with our most popular party package…

Splash Productions’ original X-Factor parties have become our most popular party package and with good reason. The guests have their photo taken for the front cover of their CD and the birthday girl or boy will have their photo taken on their own. Then our bubbly popstar party princesses will whisk the kids off for party games until it’s time for the big moment, the red carpet gets rolled out and the kids enter the X-Factor studio where they perform for the judges. Will they get four yeses though? After that there’s the superstar buffet, and more party games and at the end of the Party the Birthday boy/girl is presented with their CD performance with a specially designed cover and not forgeting the birthday star gets him or herself a poster designed like the cover of a celebrity magazine featuring them hanging out with the X-Factor judges. Our wildly succesful X-Factor parties are the ultimate birthday extravaganza!

Little Mix Parties Are Here and Their Magic

Splash Productions’ latest Pop Star Parties are the Amazing Little Mix where you get to become the latest craze.

Enjoy your Superstar Litlle Mix Themed Photo Shoot for the front cover of your CD, before our pop star princess’s whisk you off to play a range of Little Mix themed party games and interactive Little Mix Quiz. You then leave the party room to head down the Red Carpet that leads you to the Main Studio where you will take part in the main event which is recording your favourite Little Mix Song where the words will come up on the screen for you. After all that you will be treated to a Little Mix style Buffet before getting  you ready for more party games while your recording is being put on CD.