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Birthday Party Suppliers In Hampshire

About Signature Balloons And Parties

We could tell you all about how Signature Balloons & Parties have great quality products, fantastic service, value our customers above everything else, etc., etc.. All very true but many companies say that sort of thing and let’s face it, we’re becoming immune to hearing it. So, we thought you would prefer to really learn a little more ‘about us’.

Our aim is to create joy and happiness with balloons and party supplies! Sounds deep, but as Winnie the Pooh once said “No one can be un-cheered by a balloon”. He was right; try giving a balloon to someone in the street and see if they don’t smile! Seriously, try it!

Anyway, the way we try to create this joy and happiness is by building everything we do on what we consider to be our core values. This is very ‘corporate’ sounding but we have found that if we live and work by these values as a business, the customer focus, quality of products etc., come naturally.

Core Values

Core Value Number 1 – We Have Fun

If we have fun at work (how many people do?) we believe our customers and suppliers ‘feel it’ and it makes the world a better place :). A few things we do:

Watch silly videos on YouTube
Eat chocolate
Go for dinner if we hit targets

Core Value Number 2 – We Focus on the Solution not the Problem

If you have a problem (need an order by a certain date, have trouble with your helium, want something we don’t offer, have a limited budget, feel upset that your team just lost..) we will always try find a solution to that problem. If we are unable to solve it, we do our best to come up with an alternative solution even if it means going to a competitor. Obviously we try to avoid this, but if it is the best solution for you we will make that suggestion!

Core Value Number 3 – We Promote Honest and Open Communication

In life, we truly believe the best way to solve any issues or get to the bottom of something is to have open and honest communication. Sometimes it is a difficult situation and you don’t want to have ‘that conversation’, but most of the time, when you do, it is far easier than you expected. We always communicate openly with our customers and within the team. We do occasionally make mistakes but when we do, we put our hands up and admit it. We then go back to value number 2 to focus on the solution!

Core Value Number 4 – We Always Treat Others as we Expect to be Treated Ourselves

Simply be nice and respect other people. This goes for the team as well as with our customers. Not much more to say here as it is pretty self-explanatory!
Core Value Number 5 – We Take Pride in Ourselves, Our Products and Our Service
We are very proud of what we offer from a product and service point of view, however, we realise that what we offer is only as good as the team we have in place. Thankfully we are very proud of the team and the team are proud of what they offer individually to our customers, so “Thanks team”!

Core Value Number 6 – We Have a Positive, ‘Can-Do’ Attitude

We enter into a relationship with our customers before they even become customers with the attitude that we will be able to help in some way. “Sorry, it’s not something we offer'” is an all too common phrase these days but not at Signature Balloons & Parties! We can’t always help all of our customers and potential customers all of the time but we certainly strive to find a solution.

So there you have it, the values that help us offer you the best service we can whilst creating a little joy and happiness along the way.