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Meet The Animals Birthday Parties

Welcome to our meet the animals page. We have a wonderful menagerie of exotic animals all cared for by Kimmy and the team who love a good fuss and each and every critter down to the tarantula is a loved and valued member. The animals have been brought up socialised around people and this actually provides a form of enrichment for them with new surroundings, smells and people to investigate and explore. All the animals live in zoo enclosures with specialised care and diets to meet every individuals needs. Our animals are transported and exhibited in smaller versions of their home environment with the required heating and lighting, and our diurnal day dwelling animals also have runs to mess around in during the visits.

Please be mindful that although you are able to indicate which animals are preferred we will change them should we feel the animals are not suitable for your age group, they woke up on the wrong side of the bed, are poorly or are exhibiting a natural behaviours such as brumation, shedding or are agitated during breeding season (we do not breed).

All our animals are fascinating and educational all with their own special adaptions and behaviours so you will not be disappointed if we need to change any and our Facebook reviews speak for the animals and how amazing they really are.

Interaction with the animals will vary depending on each individual species but may include;  stroke, hold, touch or feed only. Please see specific species for any restrictions regarding venue size and age group. These restrictions are for the participants and animals safety and welfare.


  • Age 6 and above
  • Interaction permitted – Feeding/ Stroking (Event dependent)
  •  Halls only for parties. clubs (weekdays only)
  • Not suitable for care homes, sensory sessions, schools or fun days
  • Gift Experiences (2 people max) can be done at home providing there is a large /sparse room approx 4m x 4m available (please see gift experiences)
  • The raccoons will only be brought at our discretion they are large active animals and have the personality of a 2 year old toddler!


  • Age 2 and above
  • Interaction permitted – Stroking
  • Requirements – Room with doors
  • Suitable for all types of events


  • Age 2 and above
  • Interaction permitted – Look Only
  • Suitable for all types of events

Giant Land Snail

  • Age 2 and above
  • Interaction permitted – Hold on blanket/ Touch ( Event dependent)
  • Suitable for all types of events

Praying Mantis

  • Age 5 and above
  • Interaction permitted – Hold on hand/arm (assisted)
  • Suitable for all types of events