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Skiing Parties In Berkshire

Introduction to Snowboarding

  • Snowboard and safety check – intro to equipment: Know the parts of the kit and how to put it on and off.
  • Basic snowboard stance: Proper posture on board, knees bent out, straight back and arms at your side.
  • Walking and turning on the flat: Be able to move around flat areas with your board.
  • Ascend the slope and turning on the slope: Be able to walk up a small hill and turn with one foot strapped in.
  • Straight run: Be able to slide down small slope in a straight line maintaining good posture.
  • Awareness of snowboard way code: Understand the safety rules of the slope.

Complete Beginners

  • Location: Beginner’s Slope
  • Become familiar with the ski equipment: Learn how to walk and slide on a flat surface.
  • Progression to walking and sliding down a slope: Able to side step up our teaching slope and slide back down.
  • Awareness of the Ski code: Learn the basics behind the ski code.