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Gaming Parties

The GRFX Gaming Van is configured with six of the latest generation gaming consoles allowing 12 people to play simultaneously at any one time.

Most other gaming vans only have 3 consoles/screens, meaning if all 12 people want to play at once, they can only play 4 player games, of which there aren’t many.

With GRFX Gaming Van and our gaming parties EVERYONE can play at the same time on over 20 different games all suitable for 2 player split screen playing.

We also now have 6 copies of FIFA, Minecraft, Rocket League, Star Wars Battlefront and the latest Call of Duty game, Infinte Warfare. Meaning all 12 players can link up on these games and all play together across the 6 consoles via a private LAN party.

Don’t settle for only half a party, make sure all party goers can have fun 100% of the time.

Racing Simulator

The ultimate in racing experience with a Virtual Reality Headset, Trak Racer Bucket Racing Seat, Thrustmaster Force Feedback Steering Wheel and foot pedals for the ultimate in Virtual Reality Racing Simulator.

Race in over 50 different cars ranging from Minis to Mclarens in many location around the world for the ultimate in total immersion racing.

Available with SILVER and GOLD packages

Our Games


Rocket League

Star Wars Battlefront

Call of Duty – Infinite Warfare

Call of Duty – Black Ops III

Call of Duty – Ghosts




Kungfu Panda

Lego Movie

Lego Star Wars

NBA 2K16

WWE 2K16

Plants vs Zombies – Garden Warfare

Project Cars

Rayman Legends

Street Fighter V

Super Dungeon Bros

Trackmania Turbo