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Science Birthday Parties

Looking for a children’s party that will be remembered? The Fab Lab provides children’s entertainment based around science experiments.

Are Science Parties fun? Of course!

Will it be safe? Definitely!

Will your presenter be DBS checked? Absolutely.

There are lots of questions we need to answer but let’s start with the basics. Science parties aren’t boring, they’re full of fun, games and excitement but all based around a common theme. We fill our parties with visual effects, flames, explosions and lots of fun, making sure that the guests are involved as often as possible. And best of all, you have ultimate control over what happens.

Our science presentations have been recognised as one of the best in the country. From working with the BBC to exhibitions in front of thousands of children, our presenters are a collection of like-minded, professional, talented people with a desire to inspire people with science.

Sadly, the role of a teacher requires more hours than ever for less pay, and that’s not about to change anytime soon it seems! Yet still, it’s expected that you can come up with these massive science experiments and incredible visual displays! Why not let The Fab Lab take the stress away and come to your school to excite and inspire your pupils?

In over 10 years of experience working with schools and primary aged pupils, we have entertained tens of thousands of children. Whilst we try our best to tie into the national curriculum with our experiments, our aim isn’t to educate children through our workshops, it’s to inspire and leave a lasting hunger for more science.

We have three different workshops to offer schools for the 2017 – 2018 academic year, all of which have proven to be extremely successful. Please see below for our selection of workshops:

The Human Body

With a look at how the digestive system works, our heart rate changes with exercise and of course the composition of blood, our biological workshop is guaranteed to educate and entertain your pupils!

Super Slime

Slime making is undoubtedly the pokemon cards of 2018 with pupils making it as often as possible in as many different ways as possible, and parents consistently searching Hobbycraft and Amazon for the right ingredients, but do children actually understand what slime is? Is it a solid or a liquid? This workshop looks at slime, states of matter, changes in state and most excitingly Oobleck – a chemical that is both a solid and a liquid at the same time.

Scary Static

Electricity is made up of electrons, and in this workshop, children see how those electrons move and transfer to create electric shocks, balloons stick to the wall and lots more! This interactive workshop guarantees to have your pupils jumping with excitement, and possibly with shock!