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Disco Birthday Parties In Dorset & Hampshire

The Kids Rig

The Rig

Includes everything you need to make your party the most fun ever!

6ft Disco stand is not too small but not too big either – perfect for kids parties and all the lights they need!
Bubbles! – Professional bubble machine churns out bubbles by the thousands!
Smoke! – Get lost in a foggy blast and help the lights come to life on the dance floor!
Funky disco lights including a 7 colour laser! – Fill the room with disco colours and movement!

Kids parties are a specialty of mine. I work with kids from 5 years old all the time in my job’s. I am confident I can handle groups from 5 – 200 for your party. If you want me to entertain all the kids while you relax or just sort out the food then you need me!

I generally recommend up to 2 hours party for 8-10 year olds then up to 3 hours for 10-15 year olds.


I have the most up to date music all the time so the latest sounds they want I will almost definitely have. Again to make sure put it on the planner and I will get it!

For younger kids I have all the kids songs like Lazytown / Spongebob etc…

For the really young ones I have a large selection of nursery rhymes and sing along songs

I will always do the classic party dances like Cha Cha Slide / Superman / Conga etc…

I also have music from films like Frozen etc…

Some kids find the need to want to sing along to some of the tracks and that is absolutely fine. I can introduce you and give you a bit of limelight before and after your performance!


Suited to the age group. I often get asked what games I play so here’s a rough idea, for more info please contactme. I can assure you I can wear out your younger guests and keep them occupied and interested for the whole event! I will usually do 3-4 games before a one song rest for a drink then it’s all back to the games again! I usually do a break for food if you need to.

Even big school disco’s of over 200 kids are no problem with games and things as a have many that everyone can take part in should they wish to.

4-8 year olds: Musical statues / musical bumps / pass the parcel (Parcel not included) / music related games like the best cowboy/girl, the best dancer, craziest person, monster dance, outer space game, flying game, loads and loads of others! I can do games non-stop for 2 hours if needs be!

10+ year olds: More of the teen type games than kids games like follow the leader, best dancer, boys vs girls. Depending on what you want can do some team games like the corner game, pass the balloon, balloon relay, balloon stomp, and more!

Teen games: see Teen Parties


Some people know what they’re guests will like or just plain want to give them something a little more special than just edible prizes. I can provide my own, I normally get selection bags like haribo or chocolate mini bars.

If you are sourcing your own I would recommend lots of smaller prizes as the games I run usually means everyone gets a prize (Obviously if there are too many it is hard to keep track unless you can help me!)

Pass the parcel is not included but feel free to bring one and I will run that for you no problem!

Extras & “Mini Disco”

There’s more to add! Extra equipment I have for your party to absolutely make sure it is one to remember – ask me for more details if your venue is large or you want to wow your guests!

Ultra Violet / Strobe + more! – Only a few DJs have these, they are standard to my rig and will cost you no extra money!

Have you heard about my “Mini Disco”? It’s a great little addition to any little ones party, even 2-4 year olds will love dancing to the music and chasing the coloured lights around in their own private “Mini Disco”! It can be set up indoor or outdoors too and would accompany any party idea nicely!

Additional Details

  • Areas Covered:Dorset & Hampshire
  • Age Range:4+ Years
  • Maximum Number Of Guests:No Maximum
  • Minimum Number Of Guests:No Minimum