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Combat Parties In Oxfordshire

Have a blast!

Great fun for many occasions – ideal for children’s birthday parties, school activities, corporate entertainment and team building activities!

Feel the rush – nothing gets the adrenaline flowing like this one!

Clean, safe and (almost) painless – experience the thrills of paintball without the spills!

What is it?

» A variety of games that involve firing foam darts at opponents and targets with an exciting selection of Nerf blasters.


» Our Nerf arsenal includes the fully automatic battery poweredSpeedswarm and Swarmfire that fire 10 and 20 darts respectively without reloading!


What happens at these events?


» Event formats are designed to suit the occasion, venue, numbers and abilities of the players. Our standard children’s party events accommodate up to 30 players.

» First we set up a camouflage themed battle zone featuring team bases, a medic base, flags, barricades and, for younger players, crawl tunnels.

» Players are then equipped with safety glasses, team vests and given a full safety briefing and gun instruction. A variety of individual and team games follow in which players attempt to hit opponents or targets with foam darts fired from their blasters. Our themed games include Duel, Protect the President, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing and Nerf War! 

» At the end of the party, all players are presented with personalised Mission Certificates to take home.

What venues are suitable?

» Any enclosed indoor venue with at least9m x 6m of clear floor space can be used for parties of up to 12 players. Larger areas are better though and provide space for more interesting battle zones and long-range sniping activity!

» A greater number of players requires more floor space. Allowing at least 5m2 of space per player should ensure the playing area is adequate for your group size.


» For children’s parties, most town, village and community halls are ideal. Find one near you with our database.

» Sports halls can be used but are not ideal due to their poor acoustics.


For what ages and abilities are these events suitable?

» A major attraction is that the event format can be tailored to suit people of all ages. That means children and adults can go head to head

» Children must, however, be aged 5+ years to be able to physically operate the Nerf blasters.

» We may be able to provide special format events that can be enjoyed by people with certain disabilities. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


How much time is required for these events?

» Our party events run for 1.5 hours, excluding 30 minutes before and after to set-up and clear away.

For children’s parties, venues can be hired for 2.5 hours. We arrive 30 minutes before guests to set-up, run the event for 1.5 hours and pack away in the last 30 minutes while the children are eating.


How much do events cost and what’s included in the price?

» We offer a variety of Nerf party packages to cater for different budgets and appetites for battery powered, automatic Nerf blasters –  the exciting machine guns of Nerf warfare!


» Our Basic Nerf Party package starts at £195 and includes a large selection of single and multishot hand blasters.

» Our Standard Nerf Party package starts at £200 and includes a large selection of hand blasters plus one automatic 10 shotSpeedswarm blasters for the exclusive use of the birthday child.

Our Premium Nerf Party package starts at £220 and includes a large selection of hand blasters, five automatic 10 shot Speedswarmblasters plus one automatic 20 shot Swarmfire blaster for the exclusive use of the birthday child. This is our most popular Nerf party package.

» Our Ultimate Nerf Party package starts at £250 and includes a large selection of hand blasters, six automatic 10 shot Speedswarmblasters and six automatic 20 shot Swarmfire blasters, including one for the exclusive use of the birthday child. With these automatic blasters collectively launching up to 18 darts every second, parents better take cover from the hail!

» With the Premium and Ultimate packages, we ensure the automatic guns are shared fairly between the guests.

» The prices above are for 1.5-hour parties with up to 12 players. Additional players can be added for just £7.50 per head.

» Prices include travel within 30 miles of our base in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Travel to more distant venues is charged at £1.00 per mile (plus any toll bridge charges). E.g. the additional cost for a venue in Newbury, Berkshire 42 miles away, would be £24. You can to quickly determine your proposed venue’s distance from us.

» Want a longer party? For only 20% extra, party running times may be extended to 2 hours.

» We provide all the equipment required to run the event and a team of at least two staff. You need to provide the venue and any refreshments. For children’s parties, you also need to provide at least one adult to supervise the children at all times.

» For school activities, fun days, fundraisers and corporate events please contact us for a quotation.