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Junior Paintball Party: Ages 10-18

Duration: 3 Hours

Ideal for Birthday Parties, Schools, Youth Clubs, Scouts and Guides

Paintballing Parties are still one of the most popular half day activities for kid’s birthday parties, teenagers and family groups. With over 25 years experience we have developed some fun scenarios for all levels of fitness and experience.

Once the group has been kitted up with overalls, goggles, facemask and balaclava the briefing begins. Guns and ammunition are issued and the first few Speedball games take place in the parkland. Each team has to defend their own camp and flag while trying to capture and return the enemy flag to their camp. The team with 2 flags is the winner. This is as fast and furious as you want to make it. Plenty of cover for those who want it but lots of open ground for the more gung-ho. All games are controlled by experience marshals and there are strict rules: No shooting closer then 5 metres and definitely No Head Shots (nothing above shoulder height counts).

After these warm up games it is time for a refreshment break back in the Safety Area. This is the only place where players can take their goggles off.

The next games take place in the woods where we have plenty of dug outs, barricades and 2 story high look outs. Planning, teamwork and guile will usually win through. While 1 team defends the camp and flag the opposition has to using their cunning and tactics to outflank the defenders in order to capture the flag and get back to base without being caught.

The climax of the day is often an ambush scenario (rather more fun than the bumps!). The birthday boy (or girl) and his/her best mate dig themselves in and the rest have to find the pair and flush them out.

We run games for individual parties and do not mix parties up. Therefore you can keep with your friends and family without come up against another group. If it is a small group of less than 12, we can still run an enjoyable event. You pay for a dozen but get the paintballs of those who are not there.

The answers to some of the old questions:

  • The paintballs are biodegradable and disappear after a few days.
  • The paint will wash out of your clothing and off your skin
  • No, it does not hurt – that much!