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Adrenaline Alley is set out over 120,000 SQ FT of wood, concrete and dirt. Our massive park is the largest in the UK, and one of the largest in Europe. The size allows us to create a different zone in each building and area, to play to any style of riding and for any sport. We also host a large fully kitted photography studio on site and a modern 2 floor Cafe. Among our signature ramps is our 14ft Vert Resi and our huge bowl and vert wall in Building 2.


The academy was originally designed to encourage younger / beginner riders and can accommodate disabled participants, including those in wheelchairs. The area was redeveloped and now includes a 4ft spine area and mini ramps. It’s very popular with skateboarders and inliners due to the plyed floor making it faster and more technical.


After the completion of the outdoor plaza, we turned our focus to the original building (1) for redevelopment. Thanks to the funding from Power To Change and the awesome design from Four One Four our new indoor plaza, The Arcade, was born. taking over from the old street, bowl, spine and mini-rhythm this area features plenty of lines in a street style setting with rails, steps and flat.


A huge bowl situated at the end of the the Arcade.


An awesome ramp standing 76ft wide by 14ft high, it’s not for the faint hearted. This is the only ramp of its kind in Europe and attracts riders and skaters internationally. Scooters are prohibited from riding this ramp to restrict damage that may be caused to the ramp and the resi.


One of the more popular sections of the park and home of the Resi Jump Box. Our rhythm section includes a step-up, 5ft Jump Box, 5ft Resi Jump Box, 4ft Volcano, 8ft and 6ft quarters, 7ft steep banks and a 4ft bowl with curved wall ride, sub box and step up. Riders are prohibited from loitering on jump boxes to avoid obstructing other riders from using the section properly.


The bathtub’s baby brother. Sitting just behind the large roll-in for the rhythm course resi.


The baby Vert. A extremely popular ramp built to encourage all level of riders / skaters to improve their skills or just enjoy their riding. With an excellent resi section this ramp has attracted riders from far and wide.