Laser Tag Birthday Parties

Let the kids run around having fun at a laser tag party. You can find all the birthday party suppliers in your area in our Birthday Party Directory. Search by location and contact the suppliers direct for quotes.

With most laser tag birthday party suppliers providing the party food you can sit back and relax knowing the kids are going to be having fun.

Laser Tag Birthday Party

What to expect for your laser tag birthday party

Laser Tag is a safe, environmentally friendly and painless game compared to other games like paintball or airsoft it has no projectiles that are fired. The guns or taggers do not actually fire a laser but an infrared beam like the one your TV remote uses. This means you need no protective goggles or clothing and the gameplay is completely safe for all ages above 4 years.

Your combat abilities will be tested whilst completing objectives such as Search & Destroy, Domination, Ambush, Last Man Standing, Zombies, good old Capture the Flag and many more scenarios.

After a short safety briefing, you can suit up and grab your laser gun ready for the battle to start. Stalk your opponents through the battle zones. Race around and win points for your team. At the end of the game, you will receive a score sheet with details of the laser battle.

If your feeling very brave even the adults can join in for a laser tag game but remember the kids can shoot well.

Watch a game click here

An easy birthday party idea

So for a great birthday party idea you cant go wrong with laser tag. Check out our directory for the suppliers near you.

So if you would like to find all the laser tag party suppliers near you check out Party Monkey. You can email the suppliers directly and find the best place for the next party.

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Laser Tag Parties