Party Food Ideas For A Birthday Party At Home

Our Guide To Picking Out the Best Kids Party Food Ideas Every Child Will Love

Perhaps the type of celebration that everyone can enjoy is a kids birthday party. Excited toddlers up to senior citizens are welcome as they indulge the gleeful and very optimistic aura a children’s party brings.

One of the biggest problems for party food ideas is what should be on your menu. Fret not as we’ll guide you with the best food ideas that every child will surely love!

For Starters

In what fashion will you host a children’s party? A traditional birthday, a superhero-theme, or an underwater-theme? There are so many kids themes you could choose from.

Kids party food is divided into four main categories. These are sweets, savoury, sandwiches, and drinks. Since most guests will be children, it is only apt that you serve the food in little servings or more importantly in finger food style.

Sweets for Kids

The sweet tooth is strong as one is still young. Indulge the kid’s love for sweets with the following food ideas.

  1. Choco-Dipped SweetsChocolate dipped sweets for kids party food ideas

This will require a chocolate fountain to be efficient. Guests can dip any food that they like into the fountain and come out with a tasty-looking and yummy bites. We recommend that you place a plate of fruit (i.e.strawberries) near the fountain as the sweetness of the two is a good combo.

  1. Skewers

Want to serve a nutritious food to your guests? You can accomplish it in one go by skewing mini-sized fruits and serving them on a platter. Excited youngsters can still get their vitamins and minerals, and have a balanced diet while playing.

  1. Cupcakes


Cakes and their mini versions, the cupcakes, are almost always present in a children’s party. Cupcakes are easier to serve than cakes and everyone can decorate them the way they like it.

  1. Birthday Cake

Of course, to commemorate a birthday for your child, blowing the candles from a big cake is a traditional event. But how can you make a cake large enough to feed all of the guests? You can consult with resources found online or talk with a friendly baker.

Looking for something else, not on the list? You can try cookies, crackers, jellies, and ice cream!

Savoury Dishes

These are just some of the savoury dishes that you can serve to the upcoming bash around the corner!

  1. Pizza

Pizzas are everyone’s favourite because of the perfect complementation of the cheese, crust, tomato sauce, and toppings. Serving the young guests with mini pizzas will surely bring them delight. You can also serve bigger portions for older guests.

  1. Hotdogs

Stuff them in barbeque sticks or serve them on a plate – the imagination is the limit. You can also serve hotdogs sandwiches and let the kids pick their own sauces (mustard or ketchup?)

  1. Fries

Fast food chains have their food menus tailored to younger guests (which are the children). Every big fast food french fries on their menu. It’s only natural that they’re also in parties for kids. You can prepare them in small shot glasses where kids just to pick them up and dip into their fave sauces.

Other savoury kids food ideas you could try are the mac and cheese, burgers, sausage rolls, popcorn, and spaghetti!

Kids birthday party food like sandwiches in the shape of a snake

Sandwich Ideas

Sandwiches are a staple addition to every kid’s party. The following are some of the recipes you can try:

  1. Shaped Sandwiches

Using the usual ingredients such as ham, sausage, bacon, etc., use cookie cutters to shape the edges. Experiment with many shapes and spreads and fillings to bring out the ultimate sandwich.

  1. Tea Sandwiches

Sandwiches that are normally served in tea parties make a warm welcome in kids’ parties too! Use the brown and white bread alternately to create a nice combo with your usual vegetables, meat, and fillings.

  1. Pita

Using pita bread, create mouth-watering sandwiches that you can stuff with sauce, cheese, ground meat, and the like. Warming the pita in the oven is a must so it would have a crispy texture.

  1. Tortilla Wraps

An alternative to loaf bread and other common sandwiches, children will be very keen on eating rolls. To make them, just experiment with fillings, but keep them simple. You can serve them with dips and sauces for a tastier experience.

Other sandwich ideas are the fairy bread, pinwheels, tacos, and soft rolls.

If you would like to see some sandwich ideas click here to see some great ideas for party food ideas.


Squash & Water, Orange, grape, or mango juice are some of the classic choices when it comes to making juices.

You can also consider fruit shakes and fruit punch for a broader selection in hosting a children’s party. Don’t forget to bring out the water container should there be children who aren’t allowed to drink sugary drinks!


Surely, the kid’s food ideas above have given you a great deal of what will be on the plates for the upcoming party. Should there be any more to add, remember that they should be delicious, nutritious, and would be a fun to eat! So that’s the food done now you can get the kid’s party games sorted with our guide to 14 of the best games for kids.

Don’t forget the entertainment!

So that’s the kid’s food ideas sorted now have a think about what entertainment you will be providing… luckily we have the perfect solution for you. Our supplier directory is packed with party ideas.

For a celebration at home, we would suggest a bouncy castle if you have the room and the weather. Or you could book an entertainer for an hour who will keep the kids happy while you prepare the food. If you are planning a birthday at home we have 14 of the best party games for you. At the end, all the kids love a party bag. You can find them here if you want to buy one that is already made up for you.

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