Climbing Birthday Parties

Climbing birthday parties are an adventurous and exciting step into a world where the only limits are vertical!  Climbing birthday parties are a fantastic experience for kids. No prior climbing experience is necessary for a climbing birthday party and trained instructors will look after everything.

So if you are bored with the usual birthday party experiences why not try a climbing birthday party? The kids love the challenge of getting to the top of the wall and also get to do some exercise so everybody wins.

Climbing Birthday Parties

Types of climbing birthday party

You can have a climbing birthday party outdoors where you will be climbing rocks and cliffs in the open air. You could also have a portable climbing wall come to you. They are climbing walls on a trailer so can be towed to most gardens or carparks where you will have the excitement of climbing in the open air.

The next type of climbing party is the indoor kind, these are by far the most popular as you don’t have to worry about the weather. They usually have a cafe onsite and most will supply party food so everything is taken care of. The inside climbing walls have become very popular in recent years and there is normally a wall in most counties.

Tree Climbing for a birthday party

The next new idea for a birthday party is tree climbing. Kids have been climbing trees forever and now they can do it while being fully supervised and safe.

If you are looking for some instruction on rock climbing click here to find out the best technique

Something different

So if you are looking for a birthday party with a difference then a climbing party could be for you. Be sure to check out the Party Monkey Directory to find a climbing party near you.

Remember if a climbing birthday party is not your thing then browse our other party suppliers. We have everything from Combat birthday parties to Science parties. So whatever kind of party you are looking for you know you will find it at Party Monkey.

Climbing Birthday Parties