Bouncy castle hire Oxfordshire – Birthday party fun made easy

A bouncy castle at a kids’ party, be it in Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester or Oxford, is always guaranteed to put a smile on every child’s face. Whether they’re from a Cotswolds village or closer to the M4 corridor, Oxfordshire parents will always find a bouncy castle to be a big hit.

The little ones

But what do you opt for? Well, we’ve found that for smaller children’s parties, such as preschoolers, a simply bouncy castle will do the trick. It’s helpful to hire a ball pit or soft play area, too, because between those things the kids will be amused for as long as their party lasts. A lot of the inflatables you can hire are themed around a particular TV show, such as Paw Patrol, or a film character, such as a Disney Princess. This really appeals to younger kids.

The bigger ones

For older children, you can get larger, more ornate bouncy castles, such as castles complete with turrets and a slide, plus, perhaps, a climbing wall or obstacle course. It’s all good fun, and the bigger size means more children can be entertained at once, without getting in each other’s way. Or, indeed, in your way – leaving you to prepare the party food, or simply to socialise.

The place

Where do you put it? Most parents find that hiring a local hall – such as one attached to a church or community centre, is the best bet. If you are fortunate enough to have a large outdoor space, then great, but don’t forget that the kids’ enjoyment may depend on the weather. Running around a slippery grass lawn or field may compromise safety, plus you don’t really want everything – and everyone – to end up covered in mud. It’s not really a party look that anyone would go for.

The weather

What no one would want, either, is to have to call off or postpone the party because of rain. Imagine telling that to an excited five-year-old. Not something any parent would relish, that’s for sure. Happy kids mean happy parents, too.

The directory

Once you’ve decided to hire an inflatable, Party Monkey can help. Check out our directory for a comprehensive list covering bouncy castle hire Oxfordshire. Get in touch with them, see what they have to offer, and opt for what best suits your requirements and budget. Don’t forget to inquire about themed bouncy castles, if there’s a particular show or character that your little one really loves. Getting just the right inflatable for them will really be the icing on the birthday cake.

The options

As well as a great range of themed bouncy castles, there are lots of other inflatables to try. Did you know that you can get a blow-up disco dome, for example? Good fun for the older kids, and maybe even the adults too – if you can get anywhere near it, that is. Pump up the volume and get your groove on!

For the younger ones, inflatable ball pits are always a hit. Teamed with a simple cartoon character bouncy castle, they can keep the little ones going for as long as you want them to – so you can relax and chat with the other parents.

There are bouncy castles with slides, obstacle courses, mazes and even football shoot-out inflatables. Many companies also hire out wiggle cars, too – fabulous fun for the under-fives!

The best birthday party

Give your child the best birthday party in Oxford by hiring just the right kit. Start with Party Monkey’s detailed directory, the one stop shop for all things kids’ parties. You can search by location and type of supplier, meaning you can find just what you want without fuss or hassle.

Whether you just want bouncy castle hire Oxfordshire, or would love to have an entertainer or face painter along as well, you can find it all at Party Monkey. No time or inclination to bake a cake, or cater for a crowd? We can help. From pamper parties to craft or science parties, check out the Uk’s biggest and best party directory for all your party needs.