Birthday Party Ideas For Busy Parents Who Need Some Help

Kids birthday party ideas for parents

Have you given the next child’s birthday any thought yet? Have you had any party ideas? Or are you just trying to make it through the 1000s of other things you have going on at the moment?

Also just for a bit more pressure, it is the highlight of many a kids year. So don’t even think of getting it wrong!

Well, fear not because Party Monkey is here.

I was in the same situation with my sons 6th birthday coming up and had no idea what we were going to do. We had been to quite a few parties already that year and they all seemed to be in the same places. It was then I realized that there were no real birthday party directories to give me any help. So I decided to build one.

We have listed all the best suppliers in your area. You can search by location or by the supplier. You can browse the categories for inspiration for a new idea.

Does your child like sports, craft, climbing, gaming or cooking? We have all the latest and best ideas in one place.

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Birthday ideas kids will love


Ideas For The Best Party At Home

If your little one’s birthday month has just started and you are planning a big party, make this year surprising for your tiny bundle of joy by coming up with some exciting and unique ideas.  We know no birthday is complete without a cake and balloons, but why not make it more creative by making it all themed-based?

From draping streamers around the walls to designing vibrant invitation cards, you can turn the birthday planning into a fun buster if you know how to involve kids creatively into the preparation phase.

Here is a guide with some super-fun ideas for your kids’ celebration. These are not only cost-effective but will make your munchkin’s day a memorable and cherishable event for him. If you need some kids party food ideas we have everything you need. If you are looking to save a bit of money click here to see how you can save. Ever wondered where a party started. Find out more.

Creative Party Ideas That Can Be Fun

Design Invitation Cards we have everything you need

Kids are always thrilled to see home-made invitation cards.  So forget about making prefab invitation cards and design an invitation at home.  You can play with stickers, foil papers, trinkets, ribbons and much more.  Involve your kid and his friends and go wild with your creation.

Be in Your Budget with Balloons

It is important that you do not exceed your budget. Buy foil or helium balloons a day earlier and blow them with a pump. Remember to hang them far enough from the kids if they are just meant for show. You can get everything you need from one of the supplies we have on the site.

Color-in Caravan – Keep Children Busy

Kids colouring at a party

The idea has become a popular trend for celebrations. Not only does it add colours to the party, but it also engages the party gang in the best way.

Colour-in-Caravan is a set of washable colour pencils and pens that you can easily hire if you think buying it would be expensive.  The colours are stainless and children can be as creative as they want!

If you prefer going out for some creative fun you could try one of the many pottery parties we have listed.

Floral Themed Ideas

Painting parties have become an old tradition, here is this next exciting and creative thing to try in your kid’s party. You can hire decorators to arrange custom floral themes, but if it does not fit your bill, they are easy to arrange and manage yourself.

Decorate walls, chairs, curtains and the cake with small flowers (your choice) or just put them in a stylish vase. You can use the same flowers to make an elegant flower crown for your birthday girl.

Peppa Pig Party

Peppa Pig themed birthday party

Kids are in love with the animated character of Peppa Pig.  Why not make it a theme for your little one’s birthday.  The theme has a lot of room to experimentation with creative ideas.  You can make hand-made crafts like gnome hats and artificial wood-land where kids can play and enjoy. We have a number of themed suppliers in the Party Monkey directory.

Themed Character Party

All kids love to dress up so you definitely can’t go wrong with this brilliant idea.  Arrange a costume based celebration and invite superheroes, Disney princesses, Mermaids, Pirates and Aliens to make your tiny toad’s imaginary and special. You could also hire a party entertainer to keep the kids amused and take some of the strain off.

The All Important Cake

At the end of the party, what could be better than a beautiful cake? I know a lot of parents are extremely creative and love the challenge of baking a lovely cake but for the rest of us mortals, we have professional bespoke cake bakers. Check out some of the amazing designs and themes. It almost seems a waste eating them (almost!)


Bottom Line

Kids parties are the best events where you can show your creativity.  With proper planning and the above mentioned DIY ideas, you can plan a unique bash.

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Kids birthday party ideas