Farm Birthday Parties For Kids

Kids love farms and animals so what better birthday party could they have than an animal or farm party.  They can get up close to the animals and learn about them as well. It’s a great way to get them outside and learning about how animals are kept.

Farm Parties

Farm Birthday Parties

When you book a farm birthday party most of the time the birthday food is included so that’s another thing less to worry about. After seeing the animals and playing on the farm the kids are usually starving and ready for a good bit of party food.

Up Close To The Animals

Animal Birthday Parties

At many of the animal and farm parties, the children will be able to groom, wash and feed the animals. You could meet a donkey, hold a little chick or bottle feed a lamb.

It’s a nice way to try something a little bit different and can be a great way to educate the children on how animals are kept. Most farms will have a ride on train like the picture above which is another way to keep the kids entertained throughout the day of the party.

If you don’t fancy a farm you could always have a pony party in your own garden. The ponies are brought to your house and the kids can make friends and go for a ride on them in your own back garden. if you search on Party Monkey for pony parties near me you can find all the pony parties that are in your area.

Snakes & Spiders Party

For the kids that love smaller animals, you can even have a snakes & spiders birthday party. The kids love holding the animals. You can see an example of a farm party here

Check out Party Monkey Birthday Party Directory for kids party ideas. You can search by location and see animal and farm parties in your area.

If you are looking for birthday party ideas for kids you have come to the right place. We have parties ranging from Climbing Parties to Laser Tag parties.


Animal & Farm Parties