Kids Party Games That Will Make Any Birthday A Success.

If you are planning a birthday party at home you will need to have some games organised. Birthday cakes and colourful decoration will look beautiful and will definitely delight your cute, young guest, but just for a while.  The moment they lose their interest in it, they try to find something to get them busy. So planning a birthday party is not just about menu and decoration, however; be sure to also adds some fun and exciting games for kids to keep them laughing and playing together.

Planning party game ideas for kids can be a little tricky. You must include various activities suitable to young adults and young kids. Moreover, the birthday venue is another significant factor to consider before you plan the games.  There are games strictly for an outdoor venue and will lead to absolute mayhem if the kids play these games inside the house.

If you are unable to think of creative ideas, do not panic! We have rounded up some fun games to help you plan a perfect birthday.

Exciting party games for kids

Exciting Party Games That The Kids Will Love

1.    Play with Chocolate

Kids birthday party game chocolate

No birthday seems complete without chocolates, so why not use it as a party game theme.  It is simple yet an exciting trick to keep your kiddies occupied.  Make them sit in a circle with a chocolate bar (big one) and let them roll a dice turn wise until it rolls 6.  The lucky child (who rolls a 6) will have to put on a pair of mittens and a cap to cut the chocolate bar with a fork and knife. The faster he cuts the bar, the more he will get to eat. Meanwhile, other children will continue the game until another one gets 6 on the dice and replace the previous player.

2.    Pin the Picture

Another classic and fun game is pinning the picture. There is no need a lot of props except a bowl of pins, a big picture of (what suits your kids’ age) and a blindfold in the game. The child has to pin the picture (nose, tail, arms, and eyes) whatever he is asked to pin using his intuition.

3.    Sleeping Lions

kids birthday party game sleeping lions

The best kids party game to regain your control over a bustling and frantic crowd of kids is sleeping lions. Ask the children to show if they can sleep like a lion and watch them as they pretend to or actually sleep without a care in the world.  Walk around and tell a joke, no kids are allowed to move, giggle, itch or wiggle. The one who sleeps the longest like a ‘Sleeping Lion’ will get a reward.

4.    Balloon Bust

Fill the balloons with candies and small prizes, fill them with air and tie them. Ask each of your young guests to chose their favourite colour and break it if they want to retrieve the reward. But the only exception is that they have to burst it by sitting on the balloon.

5.    Balloon Catch

Why not make the most of birthday balloons. Gather the kids and play a joyous and simple game of balloon catch.

6.    Treasure Hunt

Best one to perk up some excitement! Make small gifts and hide them on various locations such as, beneath the cushions, behind flower pots, in the cupboards, even in the fridge. Set a timer and send your little pirates on a treasure hunt.  The one who accomplishes the task on time will get a reward.

7.    Pass The Parcel

pass the parcel birthday party games

For this game you to do some pre-party preparation. Wrap and re-wrap a present in layers of wax paper, gift papers, newsprint, foil or plastic.  Get the kids to form a circle and ask each one to remove a layer of gift wrapping (each layer by each kid) and pass on the present. The one who removes the last layer will keep the present.

8.    Do Not Do What I Say

Kids may find it little trickier, but they will enjoy it a lot. The aim of this party game is to do the opposite of what you are told. It means, if you say, wave your right hand, a child has to wave his left hand if you ask them to look up, a child has to look down. However, one who fails to do opposite will be out of the game. Duck, Duck Goose

9. Duck, Duck Goose

A good game for when you have a bit more space. The children sit in a circle and after a picker has been chosen they walk around the circle tapping the head of each child saying either duck or goose. Normally they will tap a few times saying duck… then when they tap ahead and say goose the goose has to stand up and chase the picker around the circle. If the picker can get back to their space before being caught then the child who was the goose now becomes the picker.

10. Grandma’s Footsteps

Someone is the Grandma or Grandpa and stands in the corner of the room and the rest of the group stands in the opposite corner. The idea of the game is to sneak up on Grandma without being caught moving, however, Grandma can turn around at any time and if you are caught moving you are out.

11. Musical Statues

A good game for after the birthday food. Get all the kids standing up and start the music. Get them all dancing for as long as you wish then stop the music. The children have to freeze as soon as the music stops. The last on to stop moving is out. However, there is another version that you can choose the best dance pose when the music stops. That will stop any kids getting bored.

12. Egg & Spoon Race

This game is a classic. Easy to play and if you wish you can make it a bit easier with a piece of blu tac. You could always add some obstacles to make it a little more difficult.

13. Bean Bag Toss

Place a target on the ground. You could use a hula hoop or get creative and draw an animal head with an open mouth. Give each child 3 bean bags and see who can get closest to the target. After a few rounds move the throwing line back.

14. Guess How Many

With this kids party game, you fill a jar with balls, marbles or toys and have the kids take it in turns to guess how many are in the jar. The child who is closest wins the game.

15. Hot Potato

This is a fun game for kids of all ages. An object is passed around while the players are sat in a circle. You can use a potato, ball or bean bag. When the music starts the potato is passed around and when the music stops the player holding the potato is out.

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All in all, these games will surely double the enjoyment and make your kid’s birthday party a memorable one.

So if you are planning a birthday bash at home try a few of these game options. If you are looking for even more kids birthday party ideas we have them all here.

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14 of the best kids party games